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Craft Site Medic's

Arts & Crafts Banner Exchange
Help & Hints Page


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"No-No's" (common sense rules)

  • Any site attempting to falsely accumulate credits will be deleted.

  • Sites no longer displaying banners will be removed.

  • Html script code shall not be altered other than changes specified.

  • Sites with banners no longer accessible will be removed.

How to change your account information

To change your banner or other account information click edit account. After entering your account name and password you will see a button that says "Edit Account". Click on this button to change your account information. We will need to re-verify any changes you make. Make sure any changes to your banner graphic are within specs. 

Maximize your banner promotion

  • Prominently display your exchange banner on your most popular pages: If all members displayed their banners in a highly visible section of their most visited pages, everyone benefits!

  • Don't bury your banner!: The worst thing you can do is put the banner on a page with ten other banners.

  • Monitor you "click thru" percentage: If people are not clicking on your banner, perhaps you should redesign it. An average percentage of clicks is about 1%. Some great banners run 4-6%.

  • Spread the word!: Craft Site Medic's ambition is to make YOUR Arts & Crafts Banner Exchange the premiere banner exchange serving artisans on the net. The more members we have, the more exposure you get. Refer your online peers to us!

How to cancel your membership

To cancel your membership you will need to remove all banner exchange code from you page(s). After removing the code you can delete your account by clicking Edit Account and deleting your account information.

How to check your account statistics

To view your banner statistics, click Edit Account. After entering account and password information, you will be able to see the various statistics relative to your account.

Please Note:  When you check your statistics, you normally should not need  to use the "update" button at the bottom of the page. By clicking this button, we presume you have made some change to your account which requires our verification to become effective. The result is that activity on your account (banner displays) is suspended until we check it. Unless you are actually making a change, simply back out of the page or close the window without updating  having checked your stats.

How to read the stats:

Banners Displayed on this Site: 1200
Credits Earned: 600
Credits Used: 500
Click Thrus to your Site: 6
Click Thru Percentage: 1.200%

The "Credits Earned" tells you how many additional banner exposures have been earned based upon the number of banners your site has displayed. This normally is a 2:1 ratio - one credit for every two displays.

The "Credits Used" tell you how many displays of your banner have been shown. 

The "Click Thrus to your Site" tell you how many people clicked on your
banner and visited your site.

The CT Percentage tells you what compares the number of displays to click thrus. A click thru percentage of 1.00 means you received one visitor per one hundred displays. The average "click thru" rate of banners (all Internet advertising, not just crafts) is about 1%. If you have a really good "attention getting" banner, you may approach 3-5%. If your click thru rate is well under 1%, you might consider a different banner design. 

Purchase additional banner displays

You have the option of purchasing additional banners displays at any time during your promotion. Many members do this during peak selling periods, or even if they run into a "lull". The price is only $24.95 for a block of 25,000 additional displays. Orders can be made via PayPal on our Banner Block Purchase. When ordering, please include your account name in the "comments" section of the payment form.