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The Arts & Craft  Banner Network

  Limited time offer ... join now and receive 1000 extra displays of your ad banner! 

Welcome! This banner system is a free and effective way to advertise your website. It allows your advertising banner to be displayed on up to 1000 member sites (in rotation) - all craft, gift, prim, or home decor related - ideal places to advertise your business. Plus, you only display one banner at a time on your page ... eliminating clutter and work! 

How the banner network works:

First you need to fill out a short online form providing your name & email, web site address, and banner url. 

After submitting your information you will be given a short bit of HTML code to copy and paste onto your web page. This snippet of code will display one member banner on your page each time the page is viewed.

You earn credit for the number of displays made on your web page. Most members will earn one display of their banner for every two shown (1:2).  If ten people view your page, ten member banners will be shown, and you would receive 5 display credits. You also receive 1000 bonus displays simply for joining.

Banners are displayed on a rotating basisThis means your banner is shown in rotation with other members' banners, but not shown permanently in any one location.  If you wish to see your banner displayed on a page, come back to this page, click your browser's "Refresh" button, and look at the banner shown below. If you have display credits, your banner should come up in rotation.

It's that simple! The more banner displays you show, the more credits you earn, and the more your advertising banner is displayed. 

Sample Display - refresh you browser to see another banner display

You really need just two things to join:

1. You must provide the url to a standard size banner which measures 468 X 60 pixels (the same size as the banner shown above). 
If you need a banner check out Webmaster Resources page.

Banner urls must begin with "http://www", and must be in jpg, png, or gif format. For example:

2. You must be able to add a simple snippet of HTML code to your web page.

If you have a hosted site such as Etsy & eBay, these services do not allow custom links and code. Without the code being installed, we cannot approve your membership, but you may be interested in purchasing banner displays on the network. Please visit our Advertising page for details and pricing.

If  you have a quality craft/prim/gift web site,  know the url of your 468 X 80 pixel banner, and can add a simple HTML script to your page,  


Please Read: Before we approve and activate your account ...

We check your banner url to make sure it takes us to a 468 X 60 pixel banner graphic. If the address is bad, or the banner is of the wrong size, your account will not be approved.

We also check to see if you have successfully installed the code snippet onto your page. We do this by seeing if you have generated any credits which begin immediately upon install. We will not approve your account if the code is not successfully installed. 


Join the Arts & Crafts Banner Exchange Now 



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